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🎉 Earn points for every dollar spent, click here to learn more 🎉
Which is Which? Getting to Know Different Kinds of Bubble Wrap

Which is Which? Getting to Know Different Kinds of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap, also known as Air Bubble Packaging is a method to ensure that fragile items are shipped safely. Bubble wraps are lightweight and can be shipped for very low or no shipping charges. Fast Direct Packaging has a variety of bubble wraps available for shipping today.

Anti-static bubble wrap bags and our anti-static foam pouches make a great addition to any electronic environment. There are a variety of ways to use anti-static bubble wrap material. Premier Protective Packaging can stock anti-static material as foam or bubble. We carry the most popular size, 10mm bubble. However, we also have 20mm and 25mm bubble.

Anti-static bubble bags (pouches), which are self-sealable, anti-static and waterproof.

Protects electrical equipment from static and transit damage like impact and shock

Use where static could cause problems

Anti-static packaging can be distinguished from regular protection packaging by using pink colour.

Easy opening and closing is made possible by the self-adhesive strip

Anti-Static Material's benefits

  • Low cost
  • Static electricity is eliminated.
  • Protects goods against external damage
  • Non-abrasive, won’t scratch or mark delicate surfaces
  • This is a great way to package, store and ship electronic components

Regular Clear Bubble Wrap Usage

Do you need protection for fragile items or packaging while shipping around the globe? It is the standard bubble we all see. You can see it in any new product you open, or when you mail/package an item. This is the most commonly used bubble. It will provide impact protection for small to medium-sized items during shipping. 

Protect Electronics with Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Rolls

If not packaged properly, static charges can cause damage to your computer monitor, tablet, smartphone, or tablet PC. Anti-Static Packaging will ensure static does not travel around the bag, and it will dissipate quickly before it can cause damage to contents. The picture to the left shows three Anti-static bags. Each bag has a lip and tape that is approximately an inch. This makes them ideal for protecting your electronics.

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