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🎉 Earn points for every dollar spent, click here to learn more 🎉
Befriending Ozone Layer with Eco-friendly Packaging

Befriending Ozone Layer with Eco-friendly Packaging


The fragile shield of gas called the ozone layer protects the Earth against the damaging rays from the sun. It also helps preserve the Earth's life. The September 16th International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (also known as World Ozone Day) is observed to raise awareness about the dangers of the loss of the ozone layers and to seek out possible solutions. Human activity is the main reason for the destruction of the Ozone Layer. This includes chemical products that contain chlorine and bromine.

Sustainable packaging is becoming a priority for companies. Brands are seeking ways to make packaging more sustainable, as there is billions of tonnes of packaging waste in landfills around the world. Companies can build strong relationships with customers who are interested in sustainable packaging and help protect the ozone layer. No matter how small or large your company is, there are many options to choose a sustainable packaging solution. These innovative packaging options can benefit your brand and the environment.

Use recyclable materials

The environment is protected when sustainable packaging is made from natural materials such as recycled, virgin or dye free paper. You can also eliminate plastic packaging and instead use natural resources. The better packaging is simpler. Recycled paper and plain black ink are two options. The Kraft boxes make the ideal retail gift packaging for natural skincare products, specialty food gift hampers, and other gourmet gift items. This box is ideal for gift packaging and linen/natural fibre clothing. These boxes are 100% recyclable, made from recycled materials and eco-friendly. Natural cotton ribbon can be added to these boxes in light cream colours. It is the perfect addition for our Natural Kraft Gift Boxes.

You might consider unique, innovative or high-tech materials

To help the environment, you can use bioplastics and plant-based packaging peanuts. The retailer and warehousing levels are where most waste is generated. To save space and material during the distribution process, you can opt for custom packaging. Minimalist packaging, which is the latest trend, offers a clean and sleek look that appeals both to consumers as well as sets you apart from heavier-packaged competitors.

Rethink your packaging

Large boxes are a favorite way for brands to ship their products to customers, regardless of product size. What if we said that smaller boxes are not only more stylish but also more durable? Depending on what product you are using, a smaller box may be more appropriate. Simple ways to arrange products in different ways can be more sustainable and require less packaging. You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on your product requirements.

What are we doing to make a difference?

Foldabox boxes arrive flat-packed. Because they are smaller than a standard-sized rigid box, and take up less storage space, the carbon footprint of Foldabox boxes is significantly reduced. These boxes are ideal for small businesses with limited storage space. You can store your products and not the packaging.

Recycling is an essential part of our lives and should always be in the forefront. Recycling is not carbon neutral. Recycling is not a carbon neutral option. It's better to recycle than to throw away useful items. Foldabox is committed recycling and minimizing our environmental impact. The 3 Rs are our focus

  • Re-gift
  • Re-use
  • Re-purpose

Aging is not something you can change overnight. It's worthwhile to work towards it, as the long-term rewards are worth it, from reducing your carbon footprint and increasing sales.

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