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Unlock the Secrets of Bubble Wrap with These Easy Instructions

Unlock the Secrets of Bubble Wrap with These Easy Instructions

Bubble Wrap was popularized by IBM in 1960s when it was used to protect computers during shipping.

You can protect valuable and fragile items in transit by knowing how to use Bubble Wrap correctly. Bubble Wrap is an often misunderstood and well-known tool. Bubble Wrap's basic purpose is to cushion items during transport. However, many people enjoy popping bubbles. It is crucial to understand how to properly use Bubble Wrap when packaging fragile items. You may also be wondering why so many people enjoy popping the bubbles.

Difficulty: Easy


Things you'll need

  • We stock scissors in perforated bubble, so they are available as an option.
  • Tape

Place the item that you want to wrap on a flat surface. Bubble Wrap should be cut to cover the item multiple times. Wrapping fragile or prized possessions in bubble wrap is a good idea.

Place the Bubble Wrap upside down. One half of the Bubble Wrap is flat and the other has all the bubbles. People often make the common mistake of wrapping the item with the bubbles at the edges and flat against the item. This provides some cushioning for the object but does not fully utilize the Bubble Wrap.

Place your item on top the Bubble Wrap. Place the item on top of the Bubble Wrap. This is because the bubbles act as cushions for your item. Every bubble has an air pocket that protects your item from being damaged in transit. Properly wrapping the item will ensure that the bubbles completely protect it and minimize any damage. If the bubbles were placed on the outside, they could come in direct contact with sharper, more difficult objects, and pop, thereby reducing the protection of your item.

Wrap the item completely in Bubble Wrap several times. If you have a picture frame, cut a rectangle of Bubble Wrap. Hold the two pieces together by putting the long end of the picture frame on one side of the Bubble Wrap. Roll the Bubble Wrap up to the short end, picking up layers as you flip the frame around to the other side. Now wrap the majority of the frame. You should have enough wrap to cover the gaps at the ends. Wrapping valuable items should be done in a second piece.

Your wrapped item can be packed however you wish. To hold the bubble wrap in its place, you may want to apply a little bit of tape. The flat edge will now be on the outside. This protects the bubbles better and protects your possessions. Bubble Wrap popping can be fatal if it is not used correctly.

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