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Which is the Better Option: Foam Sheets or Bubble Wrap?

Which is the Better Option: Foam Sheets or Bubble Wrap?

Improper packing is the leading cause of damage and breakage in moving. Professional movers will tell you that this is true. There are many packing options available, including foam sheets and moving blankets as well as bubble wrap and mattress covers.

Which is better for breakable items such as dishes or framed photos? Foam sheets or bubble wrap? To help you choose the best option for your move, we'll explain the pros and cons of each.

What is the difference between foam sheets and bubble wrap?

Both foam and bubble wrap share the same characteristics: they are lightweight, flexible and more expensive than paper packing materials. It can help you save time and money during packing.

Talk to professional movers if you are fortunate enough to have them.

If you are moving yourself, it is important to avoid the temptation of popping bubbles on your bubble wrap. We recommend that you take a break and get some relief from the pandemic stress of moving.

Bubble Wrap Packaging

The story of bubble wrap's invention is fascinating. Two designers tried to make a fashion statement by creating a new type washable wallpaper. The public was not able to grasp the concept so it was quickly discovered that it could be used for protective packing material.

Bubble cushion is also known by its name bubble wrap. It is made from trapping air between two layers of plastic. This gives the packing material both shock-absorbing and limited protection from moisture.

Bubble wrap comes in three sizes. The most commonly used size for packaging fragile household items in a move is the 3/16" bubble cushion. You can also use the 5/16" size to pack fragile household items.

You can choose the size that works best for you, but small cells are more flexible to wrap wine glasses and coffee cups. They also work well for small ceramic or glass figurines.

Bubble Wrap: When is it Right for You?

It's almost impossible to grab a piece of bubble wrap and not pop a few bubbles before you get down to business.

You can find bubble wrap in both small and large rolls, as well as pre-cut sheets. This makes it easy to choose the right size and shape to protect your household items and prepare them for transport.

Rolls can be used to wrap large objects like TVs and framed photos. You'll also need to use scissors or a box cutter to cut the pieces.

Pre-sized bubble wrap sheets are available in pre-perforated rolls. They can be used for plates, bowls, small artwork, and frames. The sheets can be difficult to find and they don't always fall apart easily.

It will make packing and wrapping much easier if you are willing to tear the sheets from the rolls.

How to choose foam sheets

Foam, a dense and lightweight material made from many synthetic materials, is available in a wide range of thicknesses. Because of its thin width and density, foam is ideal for wrapping around household items.

Foam sheets can be pre-cut and used to pack dishes, fine china or hard drives. Foam packaging is thinner and more compact than bubble rolls. ).

Foam rolls or pre-cut sheets can be used to protect valuable surfaces and provide cushioning. Foam sheets can be placed between dinnerware and stacked plates. Foam sheets make it easy to wrap picture frames and collectibles with foam sheets.

Foam is used by professional movers to wrap furniture legs in order to protect them from any damage during transportation. Foam sheets are also easy to use. Foam sheets are lighter than bubble wrap and more flexible than small bubble wrap.

Can I recycle bubble wrap

Reuse your old packing materials to be eco-friendly. Reusing foam sheets from your move can help you stretch the amount of money you spent on them to wrap and store holiday ornaments. Keep an extra box of bubble wrap handy for college students.


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