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🎉 Earn points for every dollar spent, click here to learn more 🎉
Buy paper void machine or peanuts?

Buy paper void machine or peanuts?

The ideal sustainable paper void fill system to e-commerce packaging Cost-effective

Cost-effective & 100% recyclable

Fast Direct Packaging Paper Void Fill System was designed to increase efficiency in the packaging process for small to medium production lines/small workstations that need minimal setup & storage.

Due to its availability and rapid recovery, paper is the most resourceful packaging material. Our Paperfill is 100% recyclable (curbside and compostable) made from renewable Kraft paper. Its versatility, durability and light weight make it ideal for void fill. It is a shock absorber that protects and cushions your products from damage during transit. You will also save money on shipping and storage.

What is the secret to it?

The paper is fed into the hopper to reduce pain and the labor-intensive hand-crushing process.

There are four modes of operation available to improve the user experience and efficiency. We continue to provide sustainable packaging solutions for the e-commerce market with our advanced technology and automation. Our key factor in product development is putting the environment first and meeting customer needs at the workplace.

The disadvantages of packing peanuts

The little "S"-shaped packing peanuts are not to be dismissed. These peanuts are great for shipping products. Problems with packing peanuts start as soon as the recipient opens their box.

Your package will be delivered directly to the consumer. Once the product is opened, the Styrofoam will cover their carpets, hair, and pets. Customers shouldn't be forced to use the vacuum cleaner, it doesn't seem like a good customer service option. If you ship a product to another vendor they will end up with peanuts all across the warehouse floor.

Additionally, peanut packing is difficult to recycle or reuse. Peanuts are difficult to recycle, which means that they will likely end up in landfills where they will take around 500 years to decay. Packing peanuts can cause storage problems as large bags can take up valuable space in warehouses.

What are the benefits of using the paper-void machine?

You can pack paper just as well and without as many headaches as packing peanuts, but it is much more efficient than packing peanuts. For your customers' convenience, take jumbo-sized rolls kraft paper and cut it. As long as the paper is properly used, packing paper can be used to safely pack fragile items and items with sharp corners.

You can use packing paper to avoid messy cleanup for your packaging. Customers don't need to use the vacuum cleaner. This is a big plus for the image of your company.


Recycled paper can also be used to make our packing paper. It is easier to reuse or recycle than packing peanuts. The kraft paper takes between two and six weeks to completely decompose, making it an economical option for packaging void fill.

When choosing between packing peanuts or packing paper, you should also consider real estate. A roll of counter-sized packaging paper takes up very little space in an office or warehouse. A similar amount of packing peanuts, however, would take up several cubic feet of space. Packing paper is a great way to save space in terms of volume. This can be used to make other materials, equipment, personnel, and...

The benefits of switching from packing peanuts and packing paper are immense. Machines & supplies can be brought here.

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