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Surprising Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps

Surprising Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps

We all are no strangers to bubble wraps. They are typically used as packaging materials for fragile objects such as vases and glass items, but they have an interesting history. They were first created to be used as wallpaper. It was created in 1957 and the invention is credited to two people, Marc, and Al Fielding. Although their idea of turning it into a wallpaper failed badly, bubble-wrap has become a successful packaging material in recent times. They have a lot of benefits apart from the protection of the things they hold. Let us look at each one of them. Related image
  • Stress Reduction
There is a saying for bubble wraps, that once you pop, you cannot stop! Popping the bubbles on the wrap is fun and they are known to reduce stress as well! And this has been proven according to the NCBI. The fatigue levels reduce for people who frequently pop these bubbles and they are seen to be more energized. The reason attributed for this is that popping the bubble falls under the meditative relaxation techniques.
  • Helps to comfort your camping
Do not worry if you do not have the budget to invest in camping mattresses. If you have a sleeping bag, place layers of bubble wrap on it and this will act as an insulation to keep you warm by acting as a makeshift mattress.
  • Helps prevent fruits from getting spoilt
Do you have fruits that are kept in the fridge and after a point of time, they bruise? If you wrap them with bubble wrap, they will no longer be wrinkled and bruised. It will help extend the life of the fruit.
  • Acts as a refrigerator
The bubble wraps can by itself act as a refrigerator for your beverages, if you do not have a cooling box during picnics and camping. Simply wrap your beverages around thick sheets of bubble – wrap and they prevent the heat from the outside from entering into the beverage container. The same can be done for ice cream cones and frozen foods. Related image
  • Helps protect tools
If you have a lot of tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers, then they can be subject to wear and tear over a period of time. The life of them can be prolonged by simply lining the toolbox with the bubble wrapping paper. You can use duct tape to help secure the toolbox in place.
  • Helps massage feet
Now, this is a solution probably no one will ever think of! Yes! You can even use the bubble – wrap as a massager to your tired feet. Simply cut them out in the shape of a show and use them as shoe inserts. It goes a long way in improving circulation in your tired feet and relieves them of pain and fatigue. Surely, bubble wrap is a wonder material. It has many more applications than the one listed above. Bubble wraps for kids can also help improve their motor skills. Β 
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