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Origami Packaging - The Art of Packaging

Origami Packaging - The Art of Packaging

Image result for origami packagingOriginally, origami is the art of paper folding and is of the Japanese folding art technique. But nowadays, origami has been adopted as a general term for all folding practices, irrespective of their culture of origin. The idea of origami is to transform a flat sheet (of paper or other similar materials) into a finished sculpture using the sculpting and folding techniques. Modern origami procedures do not encourage the use of markings, glue, or cuts on the paper. Recently, businesses are constantly searching for new, better, and creative ways of improving their packaging, especially by trying to focus on the user-friendliness and reducing the production costs of the package. An idea that makes it possible to achieve all these goals is Origami Packaging! Origami Makes Packaging Becomes Fun Origami actually started as an ancient art of making paper cranes but was later seen as an immense potential in the modern practice of folding paper, which could be useful for packages. Nowadays, Origami style of folding paper into figures has been applied to packaging and has also found its way into branding and marketing. Origami packaging makes handy and user-friendly product packages. Up till recently, nobody believes that origami would have been the solution to taking your ice bucket with you wherever you go. Thanks to Mathias van de Walle who designed a transportable chiller that can be easily folded and unfolded. This transportable chiller (ice bucket) is perfect to cool your wine or champagne during a picnic. Aside from the aesthetic value, the main goal of using origami packages is to save space. Manufacturers believe that self-assembly origami packaging that can be easily folded would not only reduce packaging materials but would also make transporting these packages more efficient. Image result for origami packagingThough the idea of Origami Packaging is predominantly used in the food and beverages industry, it is not limited to food or beverages only. Pago de los Capellanes created an origami packaging for a DVD case. The new and creative DVD case makes it possible for the disc to fold into paper when it is closed. And when it is opened, the disc pops up from the centre. The origami packaging makes access to the disc easier and funnier. Origami packaging can be adopted for various products ranging from origami snack boxes to eco-friendly accordion containers that are inspired by merely folded paper artworks. As concern for Mother Earth's well-being increases among consumers, the use of sustainable packaging coupled with best design practices is becoming a major concern for both established and independent brands. Origami containers and boxes are great as they can be used for storing office items or small household. The origami boxes, in particular, can be used as personalized gift boxes for any special occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, mothers’ day, Valentine’s day, and anniversaries. From cosmetic to food industries, product packaging is no longer an afterthought but is carefully designed with function, aesthetics, and sustainability in mind. Thanks to Origami Packaging, possibilities are endless!
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