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Different Types of Packaging

Packaging is simply a term used to describe the art, science, and technology for protecting products during distribution, storage or sale. Packaging is a very ancient practice dating back to almost 1035 when a Persian traveler traveling to markets in Cairo discovered that substances such as vegetables, spices, and hardware were wrapped in papers for customers to carry. Packaging has since revolutionised a lot to the present world where technology is a very important aspect of human life. There are different types of packaging which use different materials and technology to perform desired tasks. The Importance Of Packaging Packaging is of very great importance to the substances that have undergone the process. Physical Protection The objects that have been enclosed in the package may be vulnerable to other factors including shock, vibration, compression, electrical discharge, and temperature variation. The package helps these substances from getting damaged. Containment Small objects need to be grouped together for simple handling. For instance, a box of 1000 pencils is easy to handle that handling 1000 single pencils. Security Packaging plays a very important role when it comes to security issues. When transporting high-value goods, packages can be made to be tamper-proof to deter manipulation along with tamper-evident which gives evidence in case the goods are tampered with There are a lot of other advantages related to packaging including convenience, portion control, and marketing Different Types Of Packaging Due to an increased demand for packaging, companies have come up with better ways and techniques related to packaging. Many companies are using the niches present in the available packaging methods to come up with more attractive, strong and revolutionary packaging designs. Here are the different types of packaging techniques: Pharma packaging Anti-corrosive packaging Plastics packaging Flexible packaging 1-Pharma Packaging It is also known as drug packaging and is mostly used for pharmaceutical operations.   The main purpose of this kind of packaging is to provide containment, identity convenience handling/delivery, and drug safety. The process involves providing safety too, powders, solid and semi-solid dosage forms, nutraceuticals, surgical devices, lifesaving drugs, and blood-related products. 2-Anti-Corrosive Packaging This method involves the process of protecting metal surfaces from corroding in a corrosive environment. Materials including oil, chips, VCL bubble film and bags are used as part of the technique to prevent metal goods from exposition to unfavorable weather conditions. This packaging method is also useful in scenarios such as export goods over long distances, metals that are sensitive to corrosion and long term storage of metal goods. 3-Plastic Packaging Plastic packaging is used for packaging a diversity of items such as non-perishable and fragile products. The main advantage of this method of packaging is that plastic is very recyclable and companies tend to reuse waste or scrap plastic materials. However, plastics are highly affected by climatic weather conditions which may, in turn, affect the goods. 4-Flexible Packaging As the name suggests this kind of packaging involves using flexible materials that can be packed and retain the quality of its contents. This characteristic is the one that makes it the best option for food packaging. The package is long-lasting if set on the right conditions. This is also among the environmental friendly techniques for it uses fewer materials and there are little wastages to make it. Choosing the correct type to suit your needs may be a daunting task at a time for you will need to consider a lot of things including the type of material used, the method used among other considerations. You should carefully weigh your options when selecting what type of packaging technique to choose, for a wrong move will sacrifice the quality of the goods being packed. I suggest that you ask a professional for help if you can’t pull it through on your own.
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