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Can Eco-Friendly Bags Replace Plastic Carry Bags?

Can Eco-Friendly Bags Replace Plastic Carry Bags?

Plastics carry bags have constituted to the main problems affecting the earth’s wellbeing. Ever since the emergence of plastic carry bags, the environmental condition has only grown worse rather than for better. It has become a normal occurrence to see plastic carry bags waste lying around us.

 Plastic Carry Bags  - Environmental problem

Plastic Carry Bags are definitely an environmental problem. A report has it that about 91 percent of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic carry bags produced are not recycled but ended up in landfills or polluting the water bodies. If this trend continues, then we would have about 12 billion metric tons of plastic carry bags sitting in landfills or in the ocean. Most governments have taken steps toward reducing the menace of plastic carry bags. These steps include placing a ban on the use of plastic carry bags and introducing cloth bags as an alternative for plastic carry bags. However, the ban only created inconvenience for customers and the cloth bags seems rather expensive. Customers found it very difficult to get a less expensive alternative to plastic carry bags that would still perform the same function as the plastic carry bags. The solution found to this inconvenience and high cost is using eco-friendly bags.

Eco-friendly bags - The best alternative

Eco-friendly bags are undeniably the best available alternatives to replace plastic carry bags. This is because eco-friendly bags are biodegradable. If they are swallowed by animals, they would pose no harm to the animals. Eco-friendly bags are made from natural-based starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and vegetable waste and they can surely replace the regular plastic carry bags. BioGreen bags are made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and vegetable waste. Those raw materials are then collected and turned into pellets which are then processed into thin films so they can be moulded into bags. More so, just like the traditional plastic carry bags, the eco-friendly bags can be used for normal daily activities and they will surely save your surrounding environment. Eco-friendly bags can be used for grocery bags and carry bags for Mall and Retail Stores, packing rolls, thin films, covers, catering industry special bags and rolls, etc. Eco-friendly bags can even be customized to various colors, sizes, and prints. Eco-friendly bags are non-toxic to human, animals, plants, and the environment in general. Eco-friendly bags were actually created to replace all plastic carry bags in the world that will reduce high dependence on oil and human carbon footprint. Now that it is certain that eco-friendly bags can certainly replace plastic carry bags. It is better that everyone all over the world adopts the use of eco-friendly bags to put an end to plastic carry bags and its environmental hazards forever. However, in the meantime, the following can be used as alternatives to plastic carry bags. Reusable produce bags – instead of using a disposable plastic carry bag, you can opt-in for a reusable one. So, when next you are going shopping in a grocery store, go with a reusable, washable, and sustainable plastic carry bag. Use organic cloth bags – to further reduce the use of plastic carry bags, you can recycle your old organic cloth into a no-sew tote bags or produce bags.
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