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Helium Balloon 50 Kit inc 50 Balloons & Ribbon 2 kits

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The NEW Occasions Helium balloon kit is now available in compliance with the ACCC regulations for safety.  This product contains approx 79% Helium & 21% +/-1% Oxygen for safety purposes.

This kit comes with 50 balloons and 60m of white ribbon!


Inflation Guide:

This kit will fill approximately  50 x  9" / 23cm latex balloons  OR  27 x 11" / 28cm latex balloons

Latex Balloon float time is approx. 5-7 hours. Prolonged float times can be achieved by using Alpen's XtraFloat, Float Time Extender.

This product is not suitable for inflating foil balloons. Some foil balloons may not float when inflated with Helium / Oxygen mixture, following the introduction of Consumer Goods (Non-refillable Helium Cylinders) Safety Standard 2022, requiring 21% oxygen content in disposable helium tanks.  Instore inflation of foil balloons is advisable.

WARNING: Do not inhale, may cause suffocation.

This tank contains 13.6L / 0.38 cubic m of the helium / oxygen mix.


Alpen do not support the release of helium filled balloons into the atmosphere.  When using this product, you are also encouraged to follow these guidelines and secure your balloons to a ribbon and weight.  For more information about best practice and our environment, please visit



1. Remove the cap.

2. Attach the balloon nozzle.  (balloon nozzle is in the bag of balloons or attached to the helium tank)

3. Open the valve by rotating the handle anti-clockwise.

4. Slide the neck of the balloon over the nozzle.

5. Life the balloon nozzle upwards or downwards to fill the balloon with helium.  Please note that it is necessary to lift the balloon nozzle upward ow downwards to release the gas into the balloon.

6. Fill the balloon to the recommended size.  (Do not overfill the balloon or it may burst or you may run out of helium and not be able to fill all balloons)

7. Take the inflated  balloon off the nozzle. tie the balloon and attached it to a ribbon and weight.

8. Close the valve by rotating the handle clockwise when finished filling all balloons. 


Please note:

1. Fewer balloons will be achieved if they are over-inflated  

2. Balloon fill quantities may vary dependent on the temperature  (if tank is stored in cold conditions, helium can contract and not fill as many balloons)


Please see box for full product warnings.  Helium is a non-flammable, non toxic, compressed gas

Tank Disposale Instructions:

Carry your empty tank outside and close the valve by turning it clockwise. 

Using your hand, unscrew and remove the black nozzle from the tank. 

Open the valve by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction.  Doing this will release any residual pressure still in the helium cylinder.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can take this cylinder to your local council Chemical Clean Out, Community Recycling or disposal site.  Alternatively, dispose of the cylinder with the rest of your garbage in your red lid / general waste bin. 

Steel is a recyclable product, however, gas cylinders need to be treated prior to recycling.  We encourage the correct disposal of these tanks to avoid them ending up in landfill.  Please do not place these tanks in your household recycling bin. 

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