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5L Premium Bleach 6%

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Bleach 6% is suitable for Commercial and Domestic use, making it ideal not only for your home but also for hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.

  • Heavy-duty sanitiser for floors, removes stains, can also be used on white fabrics.
  • Bleach 6% is a yellow thin liquid with a characteristic chlorine odour.
  • This product offers excellent disinfection properties against virulent organisms, especially gram-negative rods which are becoming increasingly troublesome to control due to the increasing incidence of acquired resistance.
  • Chlorine compounds are well recognised as a disinfectant for selected applications in hospitals and more recently greater emphasis is being placed on the use of these compounds.


Floors in Kitchens & Bathrooms: Add 500ml of water to 10 litres of water in a bucket. Using gloves, wash the walls and floors of the bathroom with a mop. Wait 10 minutes, then rinse clean.
Toilet Bowls: Pour 250ml into the toilet bowl and flush.
Whitening Clothes and Cleaning Nappies: Add 250ml per load before immersing the articles. Pre-soak for 15 minutes before washing.