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Honey Comb Kraft Paper Wrap 80 Meters

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Type: Honey Comb Plain

Protect your goods in transit with bubble wrap, an environmentally-friendly way to do so. This 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable 100% pure Kraft paper is made. You can simply pull your eco-friendly wrap out of the dispenser box, and it will stretch ready for wrapping! Now you can wrap your parcels faster!

Hex honeycomb wrap offers a unique way to protect and pack your items. This is the right product for you if you want to switch from bubble wrap to something that is more environmentally friendly. Customers want to see less plastic bubble wrapping and more eco-friendly options. It not only protects but also looks great. Customers can also recycle or compost the paper material. It is all paper-based

The kraft paper wrap can expand like a honeycomb and be wrapped around your item to make a cushion of honeycomb kraft paper.

Another advantage to honeycomb wrap over bubble wrap is the fact that it comes in an attractive dispenser carton. This means you don't need to store large rolls of bubble wrap in your garage, warehouse or workspace. You can simply replace them with neat and tidy honeycomb wrapping which comes in a compact carton.

It is also easy to use, especially when you compare bubblewrap! Grab your item and begin wrapping it straight from the carton. Once you're done, fold or tuck the ends in and put in the box. Next, grab your next item and wrap it. Then place a few items in the box. You will need to take out the bubble wrap and cut it to the desired length. Then wrap it with sticky tape. This takes more time and is expensive for the environment.

This product has all the certificates and is fully certified.

Honeycomb box

  • Material: High strength paper
  • Length: 80 meters
  • Width: 500mm
  • Honey Comb Thickness: 80gsm
  • Box Weight: Net 3.2kg & Gross 4.4kg
  • Size: 580mmx 180mm x 180mm

Honeycomb box with white paper

  • Material: High strength paper + white paper
  • Honey Combo Length: 80 meters
  • White Paper Length: 135 meters
  • Honey Combo Width: 500mm
  • White Paper Width: 300mm
  • Honey Comb Thickness: 80gsm
  • White Paper Thickness: 25gsm
  • Box Weight: Net 4.2kg & Gross 5.7kg
  • Size: 580mm x 260mm x 180mm

Certificates: CE,PSE,ROHS,MSDS,FSC

View the videos of each box.

  • Honey comb dispenser
  • Honey comb with white paper

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Louise Ferguson

Fast prompt delivery

Good & nice

These honey comb wraps are good quality and much cheaper then other places