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Why BUBBLE WRAP POUCHES is More Tempting to Use Than Other Packaging

Why BUBBLE WRAP POUCHES is More Tempting to Use Than Other Packaging

Anyone who needs to protect delicate items from damage, moisture, dirt, and corrosion should use bubble wrap protective pouches.

We will be discussing why and how to use bubble bags and protective pouches. What items can you pack and ship in them? How can some of the anti-static and inhibiting technology used in pouch and bag construction work.

Why you should use bubble wrap protective pouches

In the current ecommerce boom, bubble wrap protective pouches or bubble bags are a must-have. Anyone who ships items will appreciate the ease and protection that bubble pouches provide.


Bubble wrap, which is used to make such pouches, is made of polyethylene. It has air bubbles inside that provide a cushion against impacts and insulation from temperature changes. Polyethylene acts as a barrier against water, dirt, and dust.


These attributes make bubble wrap an extremely useful packaging material. But, if you combine them with the ability to form bubble wrap into bags or pouches, it makes a more useful packaging option.

Protective bags and pouches make it easy to package items individually. They can also be sealed up with adhesive flaps and self-sealing flaps to create a secure, water-tight container for fragile or sensitive items.


These bags also have the added benefit of preventing static electricity. They are great for protecting metal and electronic items.


There are many sizes available and a variety of sealing options. The question is not so much whether you should use bubble wrap protective pouches but rather why you shouldn't.

What items are suited to bubble wrap pouches?

What items can be used with bubble wrap pouches and why? There are no limits on the size or shape of bubble bags. Bubble wrap bags have a weight limit and can only hold a certain amount of items. They are best used for small items.


Our bubble wrap bags are typically 100x135mm in size and can be expanded to 400x600mm. Bubble pouches are great for delicate items such as electronics, jewellery, and homewares.


You can send books in bubble wrap bags, posters, parts, components, tools and pens. It can be packed in bubble wrap pouches.


Let's look at how these items can be packed in bubble bags.

Bubble pouches are a good choice for electronic components and electronics. They provide protection, keep out moisture, and insulate against static or temperature changes.


Are you looking to ship smartphones, TV smartsticks or other electronic and electrical items? These items should be placed in a sealed pouch.

These pouches are great for jewellery protection. They can also be used to hold small items like earrings, rings, pendants, and chains together, with less chance of them getting lost.


Bubble wrap pouches can also be used for smaller homewares such as ornaments, cutlery and mugs, as well as pottery and smaller pieces of crockery.


Bubble bags are ideal for kitchen and bathroom fittings. The delicate moving parts of chrome taps, such as those used in kitchens and bathrooms, need protection from damage. Bubble bags provide the best protection and clearly show what's inside. In fact, any item with any level of delicacy can be transported in a bubble wrap bag. A pouch can hold anything that is not too large, not too heavy, and needs protection from electricity and impacts.

Learn more about our protective bags and pouches

Our Experts can provide additional assistance on protective bags and pouches. They will arrange next-day delivery. Simply call us on (02) 8294 8333 or visit



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