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How Poor Packaging Affects Your Sales and Brand

How Poor Packaging Affects Your Sales and Brand

Proper packaging is very critical when it comes to improving sales and brand name in any business setup. Packaging should be considered in terms of the material used, the size of the packaging box or wrapper in relation to the size of the product and the shipping distance to be covered to get to the customer. There are several negative impacts that poor packaging can have on your sales and brand such as: Product Damage: Your product needs to be in good shape upon reaching the consumers. Poor packaging may lead to products getting damaged before reaching the final consumers and thus affecting your sales because you'll not be able to sell them at the same price as you would otherwise have sold them without damage. Customer Deterrence: Customers tend to shy away from buying products that are damaged or do not have an appealing package. As a matter of fact, men are naturally attracted to beautiful things, especially for luxury products. This is because everyone wants value for the money they spend on products, and aesthetic value is a plus. So the more attractively and carefully your packaging gets done, the more customers you'd be drawing and thus more sales on your part. The opposite is also very true. Refunds and Discounts: When you don't give attention to your product packaging requirements, you'll end up incurring losses due to forced discounts on products and refunds. This is because your customers will only be convinced to buy your product if the price is far much lower than your competitors with proper packaging. In the worst case scenario, your customers may even go ahead and request refunds, which will cost you a lot in terms of sales. If anything, no one would want to buy from you with the knowledge that your other customers were not satisfied to the extent of seeking refunds. Poor Customer Reviews: What potential customers look for before deciding to purchase a product is the customer reviews section.  If your products are poorly packaged, be sure that your customers will say exactly that in the reviews. This will spoil your brand name as no customer wants to buy a product that former clients do not approve of and only rate as careless with packaging. Liability Costs: Poor packaging box exposes your product to external damages that can cause harm to your consumers' health, especially when dealing with food and cosmetic products. This can lead to you being sued and parting with so much money for something that you could avoid, which means spending what you get on sales and maybe even more. Once you land on the wrong side of the law, your brand reputation will automatically be affected. Poor packaging can, therefore, cause your business much damage in terms of sales and brand reputation. To get maximum profits and draw more customers, ensure your packaging considers issues of product protection, aesthetics, and customer preference. Careful packaging portrays a client with customer satisfaction in mind.
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