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Different Types of Packaging Tapes

Different Types of Packaging Tapes

Packaging industries all over the world rely on tapes when handling shipment procedures. Tapes have for one reason proven to be very useful in sealing packages and boxes. They come in all sizes and colors and may also differ in tensile force. Depending on your shipment you can either go for a tape that has a low or high tensile force. A good number of packaging tapes are made from polyester and polypropylene. Below are some of the different types of packaging tapes currently available in the market. Image result for Packaging tapes Custom-Printed Tapes These are probably the most effective tapes to use in packaging. They have print layouts that can effectively help in the identification of a given package. The tape can either have the details of the supplier or any other information that may be helpful in the packaging processes. Some of these tapes are printed “Fragile” this makes them come in handy when handling fragile goods for transit. Transparent Tapes Commonly used in almost every packaging industry, these tapes have a strong adhesive that makes them excellent in holding stuff together. They can be used as reinforcement in case the tape on the box breaks. Their transparent design also allows them to be used in official settings. Almost every office has a band of transparent tapes lying around somewhere. Filament Tapes These are pressure-sensitive tapes that can be used in a wide range of packaging. Since they are made of polyester they are very strong and are very helpful in binding up packages. The tape holds firmly due to its inelastic nature, this improves how packages are wrapped. The adhesive used is also very strong making it a reliable packaging tape. Image result for Packaging tapesGlass Protection Packaging tapes Glass protection tapes are mostly used in glass industries. They protect the glass during the transportation process by preventing unnecessary scratches. Protection tapes can also prevent the glass from breaking while in transit. This type of tape peels easily from the glass surface without leaving any adhesive residue. Recyclable Packaging tapes If you are a person who loves the environment this is the right packaging tape for you. Some of the tapes in this category are made of paper which is a biodegradable material. Others also have adhesives made from plant extracts. Because of this, they tend to be very friendly to the environment and at the same time very effective in handling packaging. Crossweave Reinforced Packaging Tapes As the names suggest this type of packaging tape is heavily reinforced. This makes it one of the strongest packaging tapes currently available. They have a very strong adhesive and are also very hard to break. Due to its impermeable nature, it does not allow anything liquid to seep through. This makes it very effective in protecting goods that are likely to be exposed to moist conditions. All these tapes are very good at what they do, depending on what you intend to transport you can choose any of the types listed above. Since every tape has a specific purpose and may be good at one packaging procedure than the others, it is recommended that you pick the right one.
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