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A New Dawn For Sustainable Packaging

A New Dawn For Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has now become the focus of many industries, as the importance of recycling and reusable is being followed seriously across the globe. The industries are aware of the consequence of pollution and are taking strict measures to prevent them. Though we are aware of the harmful effects of plastics, we are unable to eliminate them from usage and consumption, so most of the manufacturers are aiming to create sustainable versions of the plastic. With their ability to make revolutionary changes, the concept of sustainability is being a big decision in business. There are several organizations following this and creating technologies that can make miracles for sustainable packaging in handling materials. There are several factors influence the sustainability in plastic use and its application in packaging practices such as an increase in urbanization and extensive use of plastics for domestic purposes, extensive change in demography and social change, rapid consumption and exploitation of natural resources around the globe, leading to scarcity, Sudden climatic and social changes, rapid rise in technological developments and shifts in their operations. Recycling is the only option Image result for sustainable packaging To protect our environment from plastic pollution, the only way to opt is to recycle tons of plastic dumps on a large scale, thus preventing the plastic waste from ending up in the ocean and soil. Recycling based on mechanical and chemical methods is catching up on the trend, where the plastics are mechanically pressed into blocks or disrupted and broken down into oils that can be reused to create plastics again and the cycle can continue with recycling. The landfills are aimed and targetted to build these against recycling hubs, where a large amount of waste is sorted from all kinds and plastics waste alone is separated out. Plastics in the form of sheets, tubes, rolls are recycled to create new packaging materials that are sustainable and those that can be recycled again. Solvents used and created in the process of recycling this plastic waste is also reused and recycled, so a zero effluent release is aimed during this process. Biodegradable Plastics Image result for sustainable packaging Scientists have also found ways to create biodegradable plastics from nature such as from grass and from tapioca, and these bio-plastics are the only possible solution for preventing the non-bio degradable plastics from contaminating the soil and ocean. By using these bio-plastics for packaging, sustainability can be achieved as they are finally degraded and decomposed and does not cause any time of pollution or landfill. As plastics is one of the most sustainable materials invented, especially used for its properties of low weight, resistant, malleable. It is useful in several industries around the world such as automotive, aircraft, medical, electronic and mechanical, as it can be pressed into any shape and size. They have better standards of safety and also consume very less energy and water for its manufacture. So plastics and its use have to be monitored and it is important that we focus to find more efficient and effective ways of handling, recycling and reusing plastics, thereby making them sustainable packaging material.  
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