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🎉 Earn points for every dollar spent, click here to learn more 🎉
🎉 Earn points for every dollar spent, click here to learn more 🎉

Sample Pack (Bags)

Original price $10.00 - Original price $10.00
Original price
$10.00 - $10.00
Current price $10.00

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Unsure what sizing you require or just would like to take a look at our quality? We have created a sample pack that contains most of our bags for you. Only $10.00 for the sample pack plus shipping, one per customer only.

The sample pack contains one bag of the following;

Please note it's subject to change for the types.

Kraft bagsNo window foil inside - 140x240Clear window - 100x150Clear window - 200x300Window frosted - 120x200Window frosted - 180x260Clear front - 160x220No window foil inside - 170x240Flat bottom no window clear inside - 160x260Flat bottom with window - 200x300Aluminium bagsNo window standup bags : 90x130No window standup bags : 300x420No window : 110x160No window : 230x350No window : 350x500With window : 150x220With window : 180x260With window : 140x200With window : 120x200Clear front : 240x350Clear front : 300x400No window flat bags : 60x90No window flat bags : 70x100No window flat bags : 90x130No window flat bags : 100x150No window flat bags : 150x220No window flat bags : 180x260No window flat bags : 200x300Zip lock bags40x6075x10075x12590x150100x125100x150150x230225x325355x405425x600Cello bags75x10090x130100x150150x200200x250215x300300x425Cellophane cone bags160x300180x370LDPE bags75x10075x12590x150100x125100x150150x230225x325355x405Brown Bags No Handle130x250155x280160x315180x350240x390Brown Bags with HandleSmallMediumLargeCourier bags160x230190x260255x330310x405350x480420x450500x650600x700