Importance of Product Packaging

Not many people consider this or place too much importance on it but product packaging has a lot of importance. In fact, it has been observed that the preference of the buyer can be influenced to a great extent simply based on the way the product is packaged. You will agree that there are several occasions where you decided to purchase a product just because its packaging was attractive and neat. Even though there are some enterprises that think [...]


Foam Foil Insulation – When and Why is This Needed?

The need to maintain temperature has always been a major factor in life. A lot of products come with instructions that they should be stored in a cool dry place or refrigerators. The human body is said to have a temperature of 37oC and the body constantly work to maintain this temperature. There is a wide range of temperature across the world and people who live in cold areas are more comfortable with cold temperatures while people who live [...]


Different Types of Packaging Tapes

Packaging industries all over the world rely on tapes when handling shipment procedures. Tapes have for one reason proven to be very useful in sealing packages and boxes. They come in all sizes and colors and may also differ in tensile force. Depending on your shipment you can either go for a tape that has a low or high tensile force. A good number of packaging tapes are made from polyester and polypropylene. Below are some of the different [...]


The Pharmaceutical Packaging

Just like every other product, drugs, and health-related products are properly packaged. There are different types of pharmaceutical or health products and they are packaged accordingly. There are also different levels of packaging for pharmaceutical products. These will be discussed as well as the importance and conditions for pharmaceutical packaging. Types of Pharmaceutical Products There are various types of pharmaceutical products. The most common among them are tablets and capsules that we mostly consume. Following very closely in terms of popularity [...]


Surprising Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps

We all are no strangers to bubble wraps. They are typically used as packaging materials for fragile objects such as vases and glass items, but they have an interesting history. They were first created to be used as wallpaper. It was created in 1957 and the invention is credited to two people, Marc, and Al Fielding. Although their idea of turning it into a wallpaper failed badly, bubble-wrap has become a successful packaging material in recent times. They have a [...]


Origami Packaging – The Art of Packaging

Originally, origami is the art of paper folding and is of the Japanese folding art technique. But nowadays, origami has been adopted as a general term for all folding practices, irrespective of their culture of origin. The idea of origami is to transform a flat sheet (of paper or other similar materials) into a finished sculpture using the sculpting and folding techniques. Modern origami procedures do not encourage the use of markings, glue, or cuts on the paper. Recently, businesses are [...]


Edible, Biodegradable Packaging for Foods

The world keeps on evolving with a number innovations been rolled out on a daily basis, one of such innovations are edible, biodegradable packaging for foods. The simple reality is that conventional food packaging has its own drawbacks as far as its effect on the environment is concerned. With these and other conditions in mind, it becomes rather imperative to note that viable alternative forms of packaging become more of a necessity than it is a luxury. One of the [...]


Benefits of Plant-Based Packaging

We have heard many times about the need to go more bio and stop the use of all these plastics which are not environmental friendly. Billions of plastics are used yearly and dumped into the ocean which is not environmentally friendly and is very dangerous to the marine lives which we love so much. More disadvantages of using plastic bags continuous to come to light  and alternative solution needs to be sorted out. The best attempts so far to put an end to [...]


Good Product, Bad Package: The Most Sustainable Packaging Mistakes

Packaging is an art that has been practiced for centuries and there is more to it than just putting a pizza in a box. There are a lot of factors to consider while packaging goods for either delivery of other purposes. Most of the businesses don’t seem to care about environmental sustainability for they continue to make packaging mistakes that can be hazardous to the environment. Recently, the president of Waste Zero a company dedicated to achieving a better environment, [...]


Different Types of Packaging

Packaging is simply a term used to describe the art, science, and technology for protecting products during distribution, storage or sale. Packaging is a very ancient practice dating back to almost 1035 when a Persian traveler traveling to markets in Cairo discovered that substances such as vegetables, spices, and hardware were wrapped in papers for customers to carry. Packaging has since revolutionised a lot to the present world where technology is a very important aspect of human life. There [...]