Surprising Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps

We all are no strangers to bubble wraps. They are typically used as packaging materials for fragile objects such as vases and glass items, but they have an interesting history. They were first created to be used as wallpaper. It was created in 1957 and the invention is credited to two people, Marc, and Al Fielding. Although their idea of turning it into a wallpaper failed badly, bubble-wrap has become a successful packaging material in recent times. They have a [...]


Origami Packaging – The Art of Packaging

Originally, origami is the art of paper folding and is of the Japanese folding art technique. But nowadays, origami has been adopted as a general term for all folding practices, irrespective of their culture of origin. The idea of origami is to transform a flat sheet (of paper or other similar materials) into a finished sculpture using the sculpting and folding techniques. Modern origami procedures do not encourage the use of markings, glue, or cuts on the paper. Recently, businesses are [...]


The History of Egg Carton Boxes

It is highly common to see a lot of egg cartons and boxes used by different stores to carry a variety of types of eggs. But did you know that an object as simple as an egg carton as a lot of history behind it? Egg carton as the name suggests is basically a box that is designed with different grooves to place eggs. Note that these are not the egg trays which are typically used by the farmers. The [...]


Edible, Biodegradable Packaging for Foods

The world keeps on evolving with a number innovations been rolled out on a daily basis, one of such innovations are edible, biodegradable packaging for foods. The simple reality is that conventional food packaging has its own drawbacks as far as its effect on the environment is concerned. With these and other conditions in mind, it becomes rather imperative to note that viable alternative forms of packaging become more of a necessity than it is a luxury. One of the [...]


Benefits of Plant-Based Packaging

We have heard many times about the need to go more bio and stop the use of all these plastics which are not environmental friendly. Billions of plastics are used yearly and dumped into the ocean which is not environmentally friendly and is very dangerous to the marine lives which we love so much. More disadvantages of using plastic bags continuous to come to light  and alternative solution needs to be sorted out. The best attempts so far to put an end to [...]


Good Product, Bad Package: The Most Sustainable Packaging Mistakes

Packaging is an art that has been practiced for centuries and there is more to it than just putting a pizza in a box. There are a lot of factors to consider while packaging goods for either delivery of other purposes. Most of the businesses don’t seem to care about environmental sustainability for they continue to make packaging mistakes that can be hazardous to the environment. Recently, the president of Waste Zero a company dedicated to achieving a better environment, [...]


Different Types of Packaging

Packaging is simply a term used to describe the art, science, and technology for protecting products during distribution, storage or sale. Packaging is a very ancient practice dating back to almost 1035 when a Persian traveler traveling to markets in Cairo discovered that substances such as vegetables, spices, and hardware were wrapped in papers for customers to carry. Packaging has since revolutionised a lot to the present world where technology is a very important aspect of human life. There [...]


How Poor Packaging Affects Your Sales and Brand

Proper packaging is very critical when it comes to improving sales and brand name in any business setup. Packaging should be considered in terms of the material used, the size of the packaging box or wrapper in relation to the size of the product and the shipping distance to be covered to get to the customer. There are several negative impacts that poor packaging can have on your sales and brand such as: Product Damage: Your product needs to be in good [...]


The use of nanotechnology in food packaging

Even with the grand technological advancements that have come to dominate modern times, some of humanity’s concerns have remained the same since ancient times. Food is an essential part of our survival, and the conservation of food is a very important issue. Food packaging has been designed to increase the shelf life of foodstuff so that it can be stored for more time. In an attempt to further improve this technology, the packaging has seen the implementation of nanoparticles. This [...]


The Role of Packaging in Automotive E-Commerce

Automotive e-commerce is a fast-growing sector marked by changes in development, big investors and manufacturers in the industry. Believe it or not, according to the Daily News, millennials are taking up and will soon, by 2020, make up 40% of the automotive e-commerce industry through new car purchases. Likewise, as projected by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, AASA, the industry is expected to jump by a total of 15 billion dollars by 2020. Talk about the big bucks! A lot [...]