Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery bags, just as the name depicts, are the type of grocery bags that can be reused as many times as possible. They are a useful alternative to the single-use plastic or paper bags. Reusable grocery bags are mostly made from fabric like woven synthetic fibers, Jute, canvas, natural fibers. Some are yet made from a thick plastic that is stronger than the disposable plastic bags.

According to research, a reusable grocery bag has almost the same amount of energy as about 28 plastic bags or 8 paper bags. This means that using the reusable grocery bag once a week, about 5 reusable grocery bags will replace about 520 plastic bags a year.

Some reusable grocery bags have been found to contain toxic amounts of lead. More so, most people who use the reusable grocery bag do not wash them after use, thus leading to food poisoning. Generally, the reusable bag is environmentally friendly, but only if it is used frequently. Hence, do not just keep them till you eventually throw them out, give them repeated use.

However, most people do not keep their reusable grocery bags for repeated use. They end up suddenly needing a bag somewhere and they don’t mind getting about 5 disposable plastic bags, which serves only that purpose. Hence, this is how to make the best use of reusable grocery bags.

Buy the Right Reusable Grocery Bags

You would definitely use the bag you actually like more frequently, therefore get a bag that is: Compact – small enough that you can fold into your purse/pocket; Comfortable, Self-contained; Big and strong – that can withstand a heavy load of groceries; Pretty – something not embarrassing to carry.

Whenever you get a reusable grocery bag, always get a bag you can easily carry about everywhere. But avoid canvas totes, they could be unnecessarily bulky and heavy to take about everywhere.

Take the Reusable Grocery Bags Everywhere

Go about with at least a reusable grocery bag in your purse/pocket, not only when you’re going shopping, for you never can tell when you suddenly need to shop some groceries. More so, you may not really know when you would need more storage space, especially when you aren’t with your car. Hence, always keep your bag in your purse, backpack, pocket, etc. Sometimes, it may look awkward carrying a bag in a bag, but it’s actually less awkward than holding lots of stuff in your arms.

Also, you may end up getting disposable bags to contain your stuff from the store only to get home and realize that you have actually spent your money on nothing but extra pieces of trash.

Clean Your Reusable Grocery Bags After Every Use

Interesting facts about the reusable grocery bags is that they get better the more you use them and they can be easily washed in the sink once you get them filthy. Besides, if you always carry food in them, you really have to wash them. It is advisable that you get two reusable grocery bags, you can use one while you wash the other and keep it dry.

Don’t Always Take Free Bags

Finally, it’s not advisable to always to always accept free bags from stores or organizations. Even if these bags are compact and beautiful, they are always cheaply made. So, they may end up being extra trash than being very useful to you. Whenever you can and wherever possible, do not accept these bags, they end up making the environment worse.

Conclusively, now you know the importance of the reusable grocery bags and the right steps to its better use.

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