How to Use Bubble Wrap and Benefits of Bubble Wrap Packaging

How to Use Bubble Wrap and Benefits of Bubble Wrap Packaging

Bubble wrap was discovered accidentally by two engineers in 1957, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding. Since then, Bubble wrap has drastically reformed the packaging industry. Basically, the bubble wrap packaging is transparent plastic films or polyethylene resin with air bubbles trapped in-between the two films or evenly distributed air cushions. The air cushion offers protection against vibration and shock during transport. The air bubbles vary in size as per the size of and how fragile the item to be wrapped is. Small items such as tableware, home appliances, and electronics normally use the small bubble wrap packaging while large items such as furniture and large equipment use the large bubble wrap packaging.

Ideal for wrapping fragile Items

Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping fragile items to provide the necessary protection against damage during movement and storage.

The bubble wrap packaging is inexpensive and presents quite a number of advantages. It offers good protection at a lower overall cost. It is lightweight. Hence, it doesn’t add to freight costs. Bubble wrap packaging is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, reusable, recyclable, and very much available in the market. Bubble wrap completely breaks down in a landfill and is easily decomposed into the soil.

Bubble wrap comes in various forms like Bubble wrap bags, Bubble wrap sheets, and Bubble wrap rolls, which are all available in these forms:

Small bubble wraps, Large bubble wraps, Anti-static bubble wraps for ESD-sensitive electronic products, and self-adhesive bubble wraps for a more secured packaging.

The item can either be inserted into the bubble wrap bag, the item can be wrapped by the bubble wrap sheets, or the bubble wrap rolls can be used to line the item packing box for cushioning. Sometimes, combining these methods can work better. For instance, in the case where more than cushioning is necessary, but also protection against damage and surface scratch.

Benefits of Bubble Wrap Packaging

Protection for your items

The Bubble wrap packaging offers necessary protection for your items irrespective of the size. It protects against static electricity, vibrations, shocks, scratch, etc. during movement or storage.

Protection for your toolbox

To prevent your tools from clanging when you move your toolbox, the bubble wrap sheet can be used to line the inside of your toolbox before you place your tools.

Useful for Agricultural Purpose

Aside from being useful for making nursery bags. The bubble wrap bag can also be used to cultivate strawberries in order to prevent it from touching the ground.

Therapeutic benefits

The satisfaction derived from popping out the air bubbles in the bubble wrap relieves aggression, stress, and tension. It also brings joy and fun.

It can be used as kneepads

the bubble wrap acts as a cheap source of kneepads. Folding two or three bubble wrap sheets offers an easy and quick way of making a kneepad for floor cleaning or gardening.

Useful for keeping groceries cold

During a long trip, you may not be opportune to go with a freezer and you may not have a freezer bag. However, you can make use of the bubble wrap keep your groceries insulated and cold for some hours.

Conclusively, bubble wrap offers a cheap yet excellent packaging material for your items. After being used, you can reuse it as long as it is not damaged. More so, using the Bubble wrap packaging is environmentally friendly and saves money.

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  • hilikol Reply

    bubble bags are very useful to save things from air and from broken.

    March 18, 2019 at 6:30 am

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